Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Birds at Piney Bay - Camping with the Family

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we camped at Piney Campground on Kentucky Lake near Dover, TN. The water was so relaxing to watch. 

Shortly after we arrived, I started seeing a Red-headed Woodpecker in the trees and was able to get a few pics. This is my first one to photograph since living in Kentucky for 1.5 years so you know I was excited. 

Next my grandson saw a Great Blue Heron in a tree by the edge of the water. I hurried to get a shot and captured him in flight.

A Brown Thrasher was in the grass near the water.

Early one morning we saw Canadian Geese and their goslings in the water.

We had fun with our grandsons boating on Kentucky Lake.

My son-in-law had his kayak and the boys enjoyed time in it but stayed close to the water's edge. 

The weekend was great until a terrible storm hit. We did go home that evening between storms then returned the next morning. A few trees were down and lots of debris. We were thankful no one was hurt. 

Thanks for stopping by - Judy.

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  1. Looks like a fun time with the family. Glad no one was hurt during the storms.

  2. Water views can be so relaxing on calm days and exciting in stormy weather...as long as you can be inside to watch the drama. Lovely scenes.

  3. What a wonderful looking place, and that Woodpecker, beautiful shot of a smart bird.
    Take care, Gordon.

  4. Hello, looks like a great weekend. The goslings are cute. I love the redheaded woodpecker. Fun time with the family, great series of photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Wonderful fun with the grandsons!
    And the birds - great! Red-headed Woodpeckers are awesome birds that seem to be more camera-shy than others. Your photo is beautiful!

  6. The bird pics are really good.

  7. Anytime you spot a Red-headed Woodpecker it's a treat! Congrats!

  8. Great job capturing the birds! Welcome to KY! I was born,raised and raised my girls around Mammoth Cave. I'm now in Georgetown. There is a lot to see in our beautiful state of Ky.

  9. You''ve got some beautiful shots here. Love the woodpecker.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/06/my-happy-place.html

  10. What a fun time ~ handsome little dudes and beautiful nature photography ~ ^_^

  11. The boating excursion on the lake looks like so much fun!!! And your birds, wonderful sightings [I love your red headed woodpecker pose!]

    Beautiful scenes.

    Thanks for linking in and sharing your experiences and photos with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!

  12. Glad no one was hurt during the storms and you were able to have fun and take such wonderful photos before the storms arrived. That redheaded woodpecker has such vibrant color!

  13. I like all the photos on this entire blog.Love the vivid colors of the woodpecker on this one. Great Shots. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers.

  14. A cool spot and fun times!! I like the shot of the woodpecker.