Thursday, February 9, 2017

At the Feeders and in the Trees - Week 6

The weather in our area has been crazy. Yesterday, it was in the sixties which was exceptionally warm for February and now today we are in the twenties. I have been keeping my feeders full all winter so my yard birds have plenty to eat. With the dramatic change in temperature today, the birds have been in a frenzy. All of my images were taken today, February 9, 2017, as I observed their change in behavior.

The goldfinches have been all over the feeders and in the trees just waiting their turns to eat.

They were even fussing at each other.

Their feathers are puffed out trying to stay warm.

Their frenzy continued. They were here most of the day.

Then they would be gone for a short while. 

They continued to return until late in the day.

I captured the female Northern Cardinal puffing her feathers to hold in body heat. 

She also left and returned many times during the day. 

Even the tiny Carolina Chickadee has remarkable insulation from it's feather in the cold weather and days like this one.

Please remember to keep your feeders full for our feathered friends - Judy.

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  1. Amen to this, Judy.

    Your birdies are so cute!

    Come on by - have a pretty teacup giveaway going on!

    Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS!!!

  2. Hello, love the sweet goldies and the cardinals. The goldie mosaic is awesome. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm sure the birds are thankful you keep your feeders so well stocked up! Great photos of them & their plumage!

  4. What wonderful photos. We have 2 feeders and they are busy everyday! We love our little birds. Happy weekend.

  5. We see the same thing. Nothing for days, a cold snap and bingo! Mostly our European Goldfinches too but no Cardinals.

  6. My favorite today is the 'bickering' finch. What a fabulous 'action' shot!! And of course, the of my favorites.

    Thanks, as always, for adding your post link for us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  7. Lovely visitors at your feeders this week. We have the same coming to ours.

  8. Such pretty birds, although that one goldfinch looks really angry!

  9. it is wonderful to study the birds at the feeder :) Nice ones at yours.

  10. Beautiful photos! I love it when birds puff their feathers out like that.

  11. "Cute" bird photographs. Each one seems to have their own personalities just like us. Happy Wednesday!

  12. Le cardinal est notre préféré ;-=
    Céline & Philippe

  13. our weather here in new jersey has been crazy too!! beautiful images, i see all of the same birds at my feeders!!!

  14. We rarely see goldfinches down here in south Florida. We cannot put out seed because of restrictions but I finally attracted a hummingbird. Not nearly as spectacular as those beautiful visitors to your feeder!

  15. Stunning photos!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and then letting me know that you did by leaving such a kind comment!!