Monday, June 13, 2016

Barns, blooms, and birds - Week 3

I'm still continuing my series on barns, blooms, and birds. This week, I'm sharing another barn around the Murray, KY, area. 

Wow, isn't it special with the cross on the side.  I bet there are interesting old stories to go with it. 

Blooms in my yard this week are mostly daylilies. These beautiful pink daylilies surprised me one morning. 

My roses are starting to bloom again. They opened in May then nothing for a few weeks but now there are new buds forming and are beautiful. I have been watering them more since it is getting so much hotter (94 degrees today) and spraying them with Sevin Bug Spray trying to keep insects from feasting on them.  I talked to a lady at Lowe's the other day and she told me she uses epsom salt to feed her roses so I think I'll give it a try. I do use epsom salt on my ferns and they are gorgeous. 

I'll share a few of the ferns on my porch with you. That's a Kimberly fern on the left, a Boston fern in the middle, and a macho fern on the right. I use 2 tbls. of epsom salt dissolved in a gallon of water once a month. 

For birds this week, I'm sharing a few visitors to my backyard feeders. I recently have made some changes with my feeders and the food to try and keep the blackbirds away.

I switched to an upside down suet feeder which has deterred the blackbirds from the suet and this red-bellied doesn't mind this new feeder a bit. 

The cardinals visit each day, I never tire of seeing them at my feeders. They are such a gorgeous birds.

I have changed their food too, again to deter the blackbirds. I now have safflower bird food in some feeders for them. The blackbirds don't care for the safflower. Below the cardinal and house finch are enjoying the safflower food. You can see the seed in the cardinal's mouth.

The chickadee likes the safflower seed too.

I do still put out some black oil sunflower seeds in a dome feeder. But the squirrels won't leave it alone. I have taped the dome back together several times but today it is back on the ground and may be broken beyond repair.

I even put out a tractor feeder that holds two ears of corn to try and keep the squirrels away from my feeders. But as soon as the corn is gone, here they come.

Thanks for stopping in for another day of Life in Kentucky - Judy.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I would like to hear the Life of that barb.

    You showed many of my favorite birds. Cardinals , Finch and Chickadee. Get a picture of a Hummingbird and you nailed them all


  2. Judy, your bird photos are gorgeous. I've been watching a red headed woodpecker at the bird feeder next door. The other birds don't seem to be bothered. Love the tractor corn feeder. Where did you find that?

  3. What an interest6ing barn. Lovely blooms and birds, and I LOVE your squirrel feeder!

  4. Hello Judy, & may I thank you so much for your visits & sweet comments on my recent posts. It's so nice to meet you here & enjoy your beautiful barn, birds & blooms - I love alliteration also! LOL!
    I'm going to keep in touch & follow along!
    Best wishes

  5. What a beautiful post of Bals birds and blooms. I loved the squirrel feeder and also The woodpecker

  6. Hey fellow Kentuckian! found you over @ Wild Bird Wednesday and just had to check out the Cardinal. Such a beautiful bird. The squirrel on the tractor is a nice shot. That sure is a special barn.

  7. Maybe that barn had been used by a church group. Love all your birds.

  8. That feeder is adorable. The squirrel absolutely looks like he is riding it. Ha!

  9. I love the barn. how unusual to see a big cross on it.

  10. I am loving this series - especially the barn photos.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Great mix of photos. I love the cross within the cross, on the barn. And I didn't realize Black Birds didn't like certain types of bird seed. I've had Grackles show up, and when they do, all of the other birds fly away. I also haven't seen my Cardinal pair lately. (Hopefully I'm just not around, when they show up to feed.) That tractor thing for the corn for the squirrel is cute.

  12. Judy, Great job on the post this week. The barn is precious, the birds are really great and the flowers are beautiful. Sylvia D.

  13. what a stunning barn. and you ferns are to die for, they are so big. lovely post.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

  14. Love that barn! I love photographing old things, especially abandoned.

  15. What a wonderful variety of lovely scenes! The birds are so colorful to see.

  16. I saw one of those clear plastic feeders at the store just yesterday and was tempted to buy one...didn' I wish I had.

    Beautiful birds, I love the pose of the cardinal in all the greenery.

    And, thanks again, so much, for adding your post link at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  17. Hello Judy, I love the barn with the cross. Your flowers and ferns are gorgeous! Those darn squirrels are always ruining the feeders. You have some pretty yardbirds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  18. PS, I forgot to mention the chickadee is one of my favorites this post.

  19. Beautiful old old barn. I bet it does have stories to tell.
    Love the Cardinal we don't have them out here. Wish we did.

  20. Judy, what an interesting barn that you have this week. Thanks for stopping by and please hurry on back.

  21. That is a very interesting barn!
    Beautiful flowers!
    The squirrels are eating the suet I put out for the woodpeckers. I don't think an upside down feeders would deter them; they are very acrobatic!
    Thanks for the tip on using Epsom salt

  22. This is my idea of a barn: weathered and interesting looking. I wonder if it once was a church? Wo, am envious of all the birds coming you your house! And the lay lilies are beautiful! Many thanks for sharing your post with SEASONS - much appreciated!Have a great week!

  23. I love your barns! They photos are just great!

  24. This was my first visit to your blog but not my last - I just became a Follower.
    Loved that barn - Very cool with the cross on the side.
    Such a gorgeous shade of pink on that day lily.
    Fun shots of the birds and I adore squirrels so that little fellow with his ear of corn made me smile.

  25. This barn has an air of mystery and romance.

  26. Love that barn!!! I wonder what the story is behind it...

    And I love cardinals! We don't have them here in Southern California that I know of...

  27. I am so sorry to be a week late commenting but we have had workmen demolishing the dining room and kitchen floors. What a mess! I am finally getting to my computer. I guess it is better late than not at all :-) Your bird and flower pictures are beautiful...and I think I see you in one of them. But that is a real keeper...a one of a kinder as I would call it. I wonder if the animals has Sunday School there on Sundays. genie