Monday, May 16, 2016

Looking Out the Window: where are the goldfinches

Goodness, I have been concerned. My goldfinches have been so faithful to come to my feeders. Now they have been gone for over a week. What's going on?

I decided to do a little research and see if I could find the answer to my question.

I read here, that during the summer months, the goldfinches begin to shy away from the Nyjer feeders. The reason is they have young birds to take care of, and the young birds need something meatier to eat than Nyjer seed. They suggested to start serving black oil sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts.

Ok that makes sense. but I do put out black oil sunflower seeds but have recently started putting it in a different type of feeder to deter the black birds. 

I'm sure hoping that those of you who have been bird watchers longer than me can share your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas. 

Thanks for your help - Judy.

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  1. They are beautiful! Wish they come up the road!


  2. Beautiful photos!
    I am hoping my birds will eat more insects now that it is Spring. Keeping the feeders filled during the Winter and early Spring is expensive enough! But, no, I do not stop feeding them.

  3. Hello, the goldfinches are so sweet! Lovely post and photos!

  4. Finch Rest appreciates and loves this post very much!

    Mine have been gone for a long while now and I have been beside myself. Used to be the whole part of the yard was bright yellow. Now I see one I am thrilled - may have to try this, I named our home after those goldfinches!

    Your pics are heavenly. LOVE them!

  5. Your photos are beautiful and I enjoy them so much. I do hope you find the answer to your questions so you can attract the goldfinches back, thus, more pics to share!
    I could help you with hummingbirds, we keep them happy with sweet water………….

  6. My feeders go quiet at this time of year as the adult birds are feeding their young. They will be back, I'm sure. Lovely pictures to look back on though :)

  7. I am so glad you found the answer, I was thinking the same thing. And thanks to you, now I know. Putting it on my grocery list to help these gorgeous birds.

    Have a great day!

  8. Oh! Lovely Goldfinch captures, how lucky you are to see them. The Greenfinches I usually see in my garden are few now, as they are feeding their young, and that must be why you are seeing less Goldfinches.

  9. Our Goldfinches come and go too. I never knew the reason but I have notices they come to the regular feeders much more now. Thanks for the reason why.

  10. Great info. We normally put out who black oiled seeds but recently I found a mix of chipped peanuts and black oiled sunflower seeds ones and put them in another feeder. The finches are loving it and now I know why.

  11. You might try changing the thistle seed out. Thistle has a very high oil content and goes rancid faster than other seeds and they won't eat it. They do like sunflower and sunflower hearts but thistle is a favorite.... Michelle

  12. Beautiful, colourful bird.
    We have out feeders here in northern Ont canada but I only see the odd one.

  13. They are beautiful. I wish I had a bird like that to watch. What state are you in? And what kind of camera and lens do you use to snap their pictures?

  14. I don't know much about birds, so I can't help but I do hope you get some expert advice. I can see why you miss them, they are so gorgeous!

  15. Hello, I love the sweet goldfinches, they are so bright and beautiful. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  16. So beautiful! I just love birds of all kinds! Found your blog through the link up. Have a great weekend!


  17. I don't know if the goldfinches feed their babies this, but I have a feeder of mealworms...for protein. Maybe they would get some from that. They're dried and you can find 'em at ANY place that sells birdseed.

    Thanks for the wonderful, colorful photos and for linking in this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  18. The goldfinches are beautiful! I sure hope they return!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Wonderful birds - that is such a bright yellow. Glad you found out why your birds disappeared.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. Hello, Judy!! I cannot tell you how much I love this. My entire life, goldfinches have been my favorite bird :) I do not see them here in Germany and I miss seeing them in my native Kentucky :)

  21. They are so beautiful. Hope you have them again.