Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sold Our House - Packing and Moving

Big news from our house!  We sold it, yeah, we are so thrilled and ready to move on and be closer to our grandkids. The closing date is approaching quickly, we have had less than a month to get moved.  We don't even have enough time to buy another house. We are just rushing to pack and move everything to storage then we will start looking. 

So here's what is going on at our house.  

I am starting to question myself about my dish addiction, I have packed tons and tons of plates, platters, bowls and glasses. My love of them is catching up with me. I think my husband is in shock at all the boxes of dishes. It's gonna take a lot of storage space!!

Hope to make a Halloween post soon - Judy

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  1. Congratulations, Judy, I am guessing you will be moving to the KC area? Hope you have to problems finding a house that you would love to call home.
    I would hate to have to move again with all the dishes I have amassed since moving here.
    Happy packing!

  2. Hip, hip, hooray on your move!!! It isn't always easy to get a house sold in this economy, so I doubly commend you, congratulate and applaud you! I'll bet you guys are going at warp speed around there. A month seems like NO time at all to be able to pack and get out. Geez....what a task!

    I know what you mean about all the dishes. That's no easy task, I'm sure! The stemware is the hardest. You really have to be so careful with all of it, and the awkward shapes make it tough to wrap and stack. Thank God for bubble wrap, though!!!

    Good luck on your upcoming house hunt. That should be fun. Enjoy seeing those grandkids on a more regular basis!

  3. Congratulations, dear lady! I am so happy for you and praying you find a home fast so you don't have to keep things in storage too long.

    What a shame on the timing - having to lug it twice, yuck.

    Good luck and happy moving to you! ♥

  4. How exciting, Judy! I can only imagine how overwhelming it is. We've done about 5 corporate moves; so each time, the company has paid the movers to come in and pack. It amazes me to see how quickly they pack all of my dishes! It would take me forever! Best wishes in finding your new home!

  5. yayy! How exciting to move on to the next chapter in life!

  6. That's great your house sold and you can move closer to your grandchildren. We did the same thing and also had less than 30 days to get it all done. I'll tell you now that I wish we had gotten rid of more than we did. Instead we paid to move it, then I ended up donating so much. There just wasn't room for it all. We moved into a smaller house and I'm trying to keep it uncluttered. Good luck with all that you have to do.

  7. Oh that's why there hasn't been one of your beautiful t'scape posts lately! How exciting and challenging! We've lived in the same house for 29 years and I can't imagine moving all that we've accumulated over that time...yes, a lot of dishes too! Best wishes and look forward to seeing your posts when you get time!


  8. Judy,
    Oh, my goodness!!!
    I know there will be at least one~more~move in our near future, but seeing all those boxes makes me shutter to think about it! I keep purging and editing each Season, but still I have far too many blessings.
    Congratulations on the $ale of your home!
    At least you won't be worrying about trying to sell your home while looking for a new place to call home.
    Give yourself time to relocate and unpack, dear friend!!!

  9. It’s good to hear that you finally sold the house! You must be very excited to find a new house that's closer to your grandkids. Putting everything in storage for the meantime is a good idea, by the way. At the very least, you can look around without worrying about your stuff. Thanks for the update, Judy. All the best to you and to your family!

    June Griffith @ Arnold Self

  10. Start going through your belongings at least six weeks prior to your move date. Things you don’t use often, like seasonal decorations and out of season clothing, can be packed first.


  11. Time is everything - start packing several cartons each day, a few weeks prior to your move. Be sure that the items you pack won't be needed before your move, of course. By pacing yourself, you'll be more organized and the job won't be so overwhelming.


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