Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Table and A Choice

Do you ever get down to the final touches and suddenly question your choices? That's what happened when I thought my tablescape was done.

I used a green napkin on my Summer Tablescape  to accent the green in the tablecloth by Raymond Waites. 

Here's the entire table with the green napkins.

Napkin #1

Then I began to question myself on the choice of the green napkins. I think it was the centerpiece and the surrounding flowers. The jar is white and the flowers are a creamy white. 

Hmm, maybe I need a napkin that reflected these shades of white instead of the green in the tablecloth.

Here's the table with the creamy white napkins.

Napkin #2:

Ok, think about it, which napkin do you like with the tablescape? We will come back to it in just a minute. 

On to my breadrack and a fun project. You know my favorite color is aqua so, of course,  the breadrack is hosting a few pieces of aqua to compliment my table.

I attended a fun craft workshop today in Branson, MO, and made a dimensional piece with lots of texture. We started with a blank white canvas and began adding the layers of texture. One of the sprays I used was turquoise so it fit in nicely with my aqua pieces on the breadrack. That's my Mom when she was in high school.

Now it's choice time, tell me if you would choose Napkin #1 (green) or Napkin #2 (creamy white)?

Thanks for following along and leaving me a message - Judy

P.S. - All my photos were taken with my iPhone, I left my 35mm camera at my daughter's house.

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  1. Love everything about the table.The flowers are so beautiful.The choice of dishes are perfect for the setting.Blue goblets and the center piece are so pretty.lovely share...:):)

  2. Your tablescape is lovely, I especially like the colors that all go so perfectly with the table cloth...and then the green napkin and the perfect it all, thanks for sharing ...

  3. Judy, I was thinking while reading that the green matched the green in the tablecloth perfectly. And it really does, but I also really like the crispness of the white napkin. I say use one color one time and the other the next time. Very pretty tablescape. Thanks for sharing it. Love the photo of your mother.


  4. Judy, I think the green are the perfect match!! Such a lovely table.

  5. I always question my choices, Judy!! I like both of the napkins, but I think that I am leaning toward the green ones. Anyway, it is a great table (love that tablecloth) and your bread rack looks wonderful with all of the aqua. So enjoyed seeing your mother's picture!

  6. Judy, what a beautiful table! The green caught my eye right away! Love it! All of the details are so pretty.

  7. Gosh, I like both, but the different napkins give a different feel to the table. To me...the green gives a more casual look, but I like the white napkin because it picks up the white in the centerpiece. Could you layer both napkins? LOL how's that for being indecisive?

  8. I don't have a favorite, they are both wonderful. Love the hydrangeas. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. Dang, Judy, I like 'em BOTH too- lol - y ou could always do what some 'scapers do and use both! Of course that's not how we'd entertain, but for beauty and show off purposes it could work.

    I understand keeping it light and bright but I liked the green because, well, green is my favvie colour and I would almost always pick it over anything when given a choice.

    I ADORE that pic of your beautiful mom - she was stunning. That's so special.

    As always I looooove your tablescapes.

  10. Love these colors together...very nice both of them. Would love it if you came by Shared it...

  11. You know, I think I like the white better! I love to have the luxury of looking at something for a day or two and make little changes~ Especially important when I'm painting. You were right to walk away and look at something else for a while and return with fresh eyes! The green looks good too, so you have 2 looks with only 1 little change!

  12. Hi Judy,

    What a PRETTY table you've put together; I love this!! I'm having a hard time choosing on the napkins; first I really liked the green, but then I also like the white. Decisions, decisions. :) I think maybe I'll go with the green napkins.

    The picture frame with your mom's picture turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing and Happy Seasonal Sunday!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Your table is lovely! I really like your center piece. I think I'm leaning to toward the white napkins, though. To me, they pull the whole table together. I also really like the frame you crafted! You're mom would love her picture framed in something so special!

  14. Judy,
    Decisions, decisions, decisions. . .
    What if you use them both???
    White on the outside with the green tucked in the center!!!
    Gorgeous tablescape!!!
    Love, love, love the aqua pieces on your baker's rack!!!

  15. I like #2 the best, and I love, love, love all of your blue pieces!

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Judy.

  16. The entire scape is beautiful.. wow love how each blue tone plays off the other...

    I am IN LOVE with those glasses.. wow

  17. I can see why you can't decide! I like both options also. That tablecloth is lovely...I guess you could use the setting with one napkin for a meal, then with the other one for the next meal.

  18. I love your thinking process! Your green and white napkins are both lovely. The tablescape is so beautiful with the great centerpiece and the pretty flowered tablecloth. You might think about using both colors with the green peeking out and the white on top! Have a lovely week!


  19. Isn't it interesting how one element can result in two such different looks? I think that if I had been setting the table, I would have picked the lighter napkin because it repeated the colors in the centerpiece. The green was already repeated in the flatware. Either one looks great. The green might be better for a mixed couples table, and the white might be perfect for a fancy ladies' lunch. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. I really like the colors this table! The tablecloth is gorgeous and the dishes and stemware are prefect! I liked the green napkin at first, but after you showed the white napkin, I think I like that one better. It really goes with the centerpiece you chose!
    I like monochromatic colors, so that's probably the reason why! I'd keep both of this though for diversity!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Well first, I have to tell you that you take better pictures with your Iphone than I do with my camera. (hangs my head in shame.)

    As to the table, I loved it with the green, but when I saw the white, I loved it more. I love the way it looks next to the centerpiece. The whole table is so pretty either way, though. The stage is set with that tablecloth, and it just gets prettier with setting.

    (And I love that frame with the picture of your mom, too.)

  22. Oh I had to chose one, not fair. green because I love green. And it really does look good with the dishes and the tablecloth. This table is just lovely. Sweet picture of your mom too. And I love your vase!!!! What a great piece. xo marlis

  23. Beautiful table Judy! I love both, and the Green looks great with the table topper and dishes too... I'd be very confortable with the Green ones. The base is lovely and your mother is gorgeous. Big hugs,

  24. Judy
    I think I vote for the white napkins, just makes the table crisp. All the aqua on your baker rack really caught my eye, love it.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)

  25. Second guessing myself is what I do best! LOL! I like them both! I like the lighter napkins, but I like prefer the texture of the green napkin because it doesn't compete with the gorgeous floral pattern of the tablecloth. Not very helpful, am I? Love your white urn!

  26. Love the pierced white urn with the lovely hydrangeas around it. The white napkins and the floral tablecloth really work well together and the white napkins pop against the blue plates. But then the green really works well with everything too. I tend to like contrast so I will say the white napkins. Love all of your aqua pieces.

  27. Hi Judy! I vote for green, but I'm a green girl, I love the idea and comments that say use both! Love the photo and frame you embellished of your mom! Your iphone takes great photos :)

  28. I like the goblets. Everything looks lovely. You always do such a great job.I don't have this issue I don't think I have ever created a tablescape, giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  29. I think either one works. I like them both... Christine

  30. Choices - aye! I choose the white napkin! Love the photo of your mother! I am so delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  31. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo! #2! Very beautifully done and you're not alone re-thinking your choices. I do it all the time.