Friday, May 17, 2013

Pink Azaleas and A Funny Story

Do you just love azaleas? I must say they are my very favorite flowering shrub. 
I am happy to share my Dad's azaleas.
We stopped to visit Dad on our way back from Florida and stayed a week with him. The timing was perfect, his azaleas were in full bloom.
Talk about size and color, his shrub is huge. It spans about five feet across and is about five feet tall. 
I tried to zoom in close so you can see the filaments drooping down in the center of the bloom.
I must tell you, Dad doesn't do one thing to the azaleas shrub, remember he is 91 and sure doesn't work in the yard anymore. My Mom planted them years and years ago and she passed away in 2004 so they haven't been touched since.

Next I'll show you some lighter pink azaleas that are in his neighbor's yard. There's a funny story about his neighbor's azaleas that I'll share with you.

The neighbor's house had sold a few years ago and the new owners were in  the yard so I happened to be visiting my parents and went over to introduce myself. The azaleas weren't in bloom at the time and the guy says he thinks he's going to cut down the row of bushes (about 6 azaleas) because they didn't seem very pretty and he wanted something more colorful.
Well, you know I almost choked and immediately began to tell him about azaleas and begged him to wait until at least summer to make up his mind. I assured him they would be beautiful and have gorgeous color. Needless to say, his azaleas are still growing and showing beautiful color in the late Spring.

Hope you have enjoyed Dad's azaleas and his neighbors too - Judy

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  1. If that neighbor guy would have cut down those beautiful petal pink azaleas, I think I would have choked HIM!!! Yikes! Men just don't get it! My husband tries to mow down everything in sight because he doesn't pay attention to what's what. He thinks EVERYTHING is a weed!!! (We have had a lawn guy for the last 3 years, so my yard has been safer!) The azaleas in your Dad's yard are an amazing color!!!!! So vibrant...and incredibly healthy!!!

    My Dad is just about 2 years younger than your Dad, and I'm sure he wouldn't be out there messing around with azalea plants, either. In your Dad's case, that seems to have worked out! :-)

  2. Would love to have come over to Fishtail Cottage and share your post at this weeks Garden Party! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! xoxo, tracie

  3. Hi Judy, yes I love azaleas especially the larger ones. Your dad’s azaleas are stunning. I don’t blame your dad, at 91 he deserves to do whatever he wants. Glad the neighbor was talked out of cutting. Thanks for sharing......

    The French Hutch

  4. Mt dad always had nice azaleas in our yard growing up. We had the pink. I love them in red, white and I saw them once in a very pretty lavender. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo