Monday, May 27, 2013

Florida Beaches

We have been to Florida many, many times and I still love to see the ocean and beaches. Seeing the ocean is always a thrill to me. Just the beauty of seeing the water and the waves roll in is so relaxing. Even through the noise of the waves rolling in can be a bit loud, I find the it almost memorizing.

St. Augustine's Beach

We hadn't planned on going to the beach this trip to Florida, we were taking the grandsons to Disney. But who could resist a stop at St. Augustine's Beach. 

The boys had fun digging in the sand.

The boys had not been to Florida beaches, although the oldest has been to Disney World, so this trip was for the two year old to meet the Disney characters and the oldest to go to the Jedi Academy at Disney. More about Disney later. Right now enjoy the ocean.

The oldest grandson so loved the ocean water. In case you are thinking about driving your car on the beach, it's not allowed at St. Augustine's Beach. But walking, sunbathing, digging in the sand are all just fabulous.

Daytona Beach
We also visited Daytona Beach where the beach is hard packed sand and cars and motorcycles can drive on the beach.

I must share that in the late 70's when my husband and I went to Daytona Beach, we did drive our new car on the beach. We thought we were so cool in  our silver Cordoba. 

We didn't attempt to drive the suburban on the beach this trip. I still would if I was in a cute convertible.

Can you see the sailboat in the background? 

I'm so happy we did visit two of the many beaches in Florida this trip. That's our daughter and two grandsons. 

And A Little More . . .

Sand Dunes play an important role to the beaches that front them and the land behind them. They act as sand reserves for the beaches and act as a buffer between the high energy of the ocean and the land. You must usually follow a path that leads over the dunes to the ocean. My grandsons are standing to the edge of the path going over the dune. (Note the wild flowers)

Florida Blooms, Plants & Shrubs

The Plumbago Plant

Love these fuchsia colored blooms.

Whether you choose to sun bathe, walk along the beach, dig in the sand, or surf, the Florida Beaches are always fabulous. But don't forget your sunscreen! Thanks for stopping by for my visit to the Florida beaches - Judy.

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  1. I just spent a few weeks in the Palm Beach area - there is nothing like the beach!! I grew up near Cape Cod and now live in Upstate NY - too far away from the ocean :-( Cute little boys - aren't grandsons the best??

  2. I don't know how you have the energy to take your darling grandsons to Disney, Judy! Mine were with us over the holiday weekend and today my hubs and I are trying to recover, sitting around doing nothing! St. Augustine is such a beautiful area, sounds like a great trip!

  3. Florida beaches and grandsons, that is my kind of trip. Your family looks like they are having a blast. Safe travels.......

    The French Hutch

  4. I think Florida is one of the best places when it comes to climate and gardening. And those beaches are really beautiful, though a bit scary for me! But when it is with family and the kids are enjoying, then the oldies are contented too!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beach trip. It brought back good memories of family vacations when I was younger and would sleep on a covered screened porch and awaken every morning to the sound of the surf.

  6. Your grandsons are adorable, and look like they're loving the beach. We go to SC with our grandsons and after seeing your photos, I'm ready to go right now.
    Thanks for sharing your trip.

  7. Oh, now I NEED a beach trip! We usually go to beaches on the Gulf side, but the Atlantic is much more dramatic. We are planning an extended family trip to Sandestin this fall -- can't wait!

  8. We hadn't been on a Florida vacation in years so a few years ago, we took our nearly grown daughters for a trip that included both St. Augustine beach and Disney World. I guess it's fun for all ages!

    I loved the pictures with the sailboat in the background. I think they are frame worthy!

  9. Beautiful beaches! I love that area of Florida. You are right, the sand dunes are important. I live in NJ and the areas of the shore that were hardest hit, were the ones that did not have the dunes!

  10. Just catching up with some of my favorite blogs - I almost missed this post! Your grandsons are adorable! You captured some wonderful fun! I am sure these moments will be treasured.