Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating Peas

My post today is all about peas, I have used them in my tablescape with the salad plates featuring peas and pea pods. Take a look, then we can talk more about peas.

I must admit, I am not a huge lover of peas and plainly remember Mom serving peas as a side dish when I was growing up. Too bad we didn't have a house dog that would  sit by me and I could sneak him my peas under the table but no such luck! I remember swallowing them whole because I couldn't stand their taste.

Now you have seen my table with my pea salad plates and know my thoughts about eating peas as a young girl, so let's talk further about peas.

Could you eat them in a salad with other vegetables and maybe a little Thousand Island Dressing?

Could you eat them mixed with a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup then poured over a bowl of rice?

If you are eating peas served on a plate, you have to decide what's the best way to get them to your mouth. Do you fork the peas and try to get one on each prong? A spoon would make it easier but may not be proper etiquette at a formal dinner table.

Could you eat them in a 7 Layer Salad?

For me, about the only way I can eat peas is in a salad. It could be in the first salad above or my favorite way to peas is in 7 Layer Salad which I am serving today on my pea salad plate.

This recipe has been around for years and is perfect for cookouts, potlucks, and holidays. The salad is made with 7 layers usually lettuce, sometimes tomatoes, slice boiled eggs, peas, celery, bacon and cheese. Then topped with a thick layer of a mayonnaise based dressing or maybe even Ranch Dressing. Then chilled and tossed before eating. 

While the eggs were cooking, I put most of my layers together. I used Hearts of Romaine Lettuce, crumbled the extra bacon that my husband cooked for breakfast, added the cheese and peas.

We like dill in the salad so I added dill under the mayo layer and also mixed a little dill in with the mayonnaise. A couple packets of Splenda were added to the mayo for a little added sweetness. I love the taste of dill when I'm eating the salad, maybe it drowns out the taste of the peas, I'm not sure.

My 7 Layer Salad is now ready to chill.

My salad has been tossed and served.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my thoughts about peas - Judy. 

How about sharing your favorite way to eat peas.

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  1. Well, I have never seen peas look better! Your tablescape is so pretty. I guess I'm odd...I happen to love peas. So, I had to laugh at your post.

  2. In those darling pea dishes I would've eaten my peas too!! I love your tablescape my friend, the plates are adorable. I love peas too, when I was a kid in elementary school, (PS7 in Astoria-Queens), I loved my pea soup, lol.. I like it now on my salads and your recipe looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Sunday.

  3. Love your pretty pea table, very pretty and cheerful!
    Noooo on the peas, nuh uh, don't like them. I pick them out!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish! I' ve missed you!

  4. I love your tablescape. The pea salad plates are just so cute!
    Blue & green always compliment each other so well.
    Here's where I admit that I actually like peas, moreso sugar snap or raw rather than ordinary old mushy cooked peas.

  5. Hi Judy: I guess I'm one of the crazies because I love peas. Fresh, raw or out of the can. I think they are all good. But eating them off of those pretty little plates would be outstanding..Happy Sunday..Judy

  6. I hated peas (and asparagus) as a kid. I it wasn't until I was an adult and had FRESH peas (and asparagus) that I changed my thinking on that. My Mom would always prepare peas (and asparagus and spinach, for cryin' out loud!) out of a can. YUCK!!! Fresh peas on the other hand, are wonderfully delicious! I like them in tuna casserole, in salads, as a side dish with pearl onions....they're delish! Your pea pod salad plates are delish, too!!! SO cool!!! Beautiful table along with your beloved aqua!!! What a pretty color combo! I hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Love your pea plates. My Mom used to grow them in her garden and I always thought they tasted the very best when straight off the vine. I have not had that 7 layer salad for years. Maybe I'll give it a try again soon. Thanks for reminding me!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. I like peas about any way.

    I ADORE your tablescape,Judy! You do up the best tables, I tell ya - sure do admire your talents!

    Thanks for the recipe and fun post.

  9. What colorful and fun plates! I love your pairing of the aqua and green stems at the table! I'm a fan of peas if they are mixed in with chicken pot pie, risotto or your delicious 7 Layer Salad...but NOT by themselves :)

  10. I love your Pea Post!!! How cute is our pea pod table!!?!! Too cute!! I'm with you, I hated peas as a kid and now I love fresh peas is a salad!! You have me graving peas as I read this!

  11. I love these pea plates, they are adorable.Your salad looks mighty good too!

  12. Hi Judy, Your seven layer is always a hit. I love the little peas, and I would eat all these delicious recipes. I love your plates with the pea pods, just adorable. Beautiful tablescape. Love the mix of blues and greens. Have a great week Judy………..

    the French Hutch

  13. I love seven layer salad -- including the peas! Your pea pod plates are adorable.


  14. The salad looks delicious, Judy, and I love your tablescape. The plates are really pretty and the glasses too and I just love the color combination....Christine

  15. i love peas and your dishes look delish. I live in the thousand Islands where the dressing was first created by a cook in my town.Your dishes are unique.pretty table scape.

  16. LOVE your dishes and enjoy eating peas. Your post really inspires me to try some new to me dishes!

  17. What a cute post! Your "pea" dishes are so neat! Your tablescape is darling! I make that same salad, in fact made it a couple of weeks ago for a ladies luncheon. Yummy! Have a good week!

  18. I lurvs the pea plates. As a child, I used to hide my peas in my mashed potatoes so I wouldn't have to eat them.

    Popped in from Gonna Love It.

  19. Your tablescape is fantastic and I love your salad. The peas are perfect. Great pics too. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Judy, I like peas! And those pea salad plates are charming. Love the mix of green and blue on your table. My first choice would be the first salad you show. Looks delicious and colorful.

  21. Love those plates and your salad looks delicious, Judy! I might be able to eat them in a salad but I have to admit I still pick them out of whatever I order that has peas in them. I hated them as a kid, too!

  22. Love your plates but was never a big pea fan either until I discovered a spring recipe - simply sauté them with baby carrots and fresh asparagus in olive oil with a few crushed garlic cloves - heavenly! Your salad looks amazing too!

  23. Love your pea tablescape. And I'm with you...the only way I can eat peas is in the 7 Layer Salad. I love it! Hopped over from Transformation Thursday and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @

  24. Nope, I don't like the real deal ... but I DO love your cute pea plates!

  25. That's so funny! I was the same way about peas. I still cover them up with other food to get them down! I do however like them cold in a salad...just like you! I enjoy the 7 layer salad and have taken that to parties always goes over well! Your pea plates are fun! Great stemware that goes with it too!

  26. I have a table set right now for a luncheon on Friday that features pretty much your same color scheme. So fresh for summer...I love what you've done here. I hated peas as a child, too, but now I like them several ways...particularly in that layered salad. I could eat that all day long. Have you ever prepared cream peas...big fat green pea in a whipping cream white sauce with just a little bit of sugar...oh my gosh! It's become a holiday staple for us. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  27. Once my mom started cooking her peas with dill, the whole clan wiped out the bowl! Seriously, even boiled peas can use that wonderful herb. Love your plates and the whole table. It's really really stunning with the blues and limes. xo marlis

  28. Your pea dishes are great! I absolutely love peas. The blues and green are very eye catching.

  29. This is just too cute! I love those pea dishes. Not only is this a pretty and fun table, it is a YUMMY looking table as well! Visiting from Let's Dish!

  30. Those pea plates are off the chain pretty. Love them. I love seven layer salad too. Visiting from Let's Dish, Olive

  31. Judy,
    Two thoughts came to mind..."Eatin' Goober Peas", the Song sung by Burl Ives, of course...and "Eat Your Peas, Lousie", children's book! Too cute! I'm with you, my favorite way to eat peas would be in a salad OR early in the Spring . . . creamed peas with new red potatoes! Delightful tablescape!

  32. Adorable plates! I have never seen "Pea in a Pod" plates. They would be great for a baby shower luncheon for a mom expecting multiples!

    I confess, I am a pea lover. I like them out of a can, frozen, fresh, in a salad, in a soup, in a casserole.

    Please feel free to slip me your peas so you can leave the table :)

  33. Yours is my favorite tablescape this week! It is just gorgeous! I hated peas as a child, but thanks to Green Giant frozen baby peas in butter sauce, I started to eat them as an adult! Now, I enjoy them in a number of things. Your salad looks delish!

  34. I like peas raw in salads...
    I ♥♥♥ all the shades of blue and green on your table. The stemware is so pretty.

  35. LOVE peas! The fresher the better - my mom used to serve canned peas and they were tasteless - didn't like them when I was younger - it was much later I discovered how wonderful they were - these recipes look marvelous and the dishes! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  36. I love that salad! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!