Monday, June 4, 2012

Relaxing By The Pool

I have been out of town for a few days and relaxing by the pool at Stone Bridge Village in Branson, MO.

When it gets too hot I move to the chair that I planted in the wading pool and cool off a bit I have been swimming laps too but the water is like ice.

My husband has been playing golf and trout fishing in Lake Taneyco but I have just enjoyed the pool and working on my tan. Yes, I have been using sunscreen.

The pool has several sections to it. There is a nice waterfall, I'll post a pic of it too.

I have never made a post from my iPhone so I'll see how it goes. I see that my pictures go after my words. Can't seem to control picture placement.

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  1. Wow your legs are tan hope you are having a relaxing time I love your new header

    1. Send me some pics and I'll make you a new one.

  2. Hi Judy: Sounds like a very relaxing time was had by all. Look at your pretty toes and your beautiful tan! Looking good Mama.. Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Hi Judy, looks like a great time relaxing by the pool. I see someone has a tan. I went swimming in our pool yesterday. It was 82 in the pool.

  4. Oh that water looks SO inviting! I'd rather be by the pool than playing golf anyday :)

  5. Sounds like fun, Judy. We've been by Stonebridge, but haven't checked it out.

    Ironically, the subdivision that was built at our old farm is named Stonebridge.

  6. Dear Judy, Thank you for using sunscreen! I appreciate it! I just want you to be healthy as you enjoy the sunshine!!! :-) Have a fantastic time!!!

  7. You have a beautiful tan! I think sunscreen is not only the SMART choice, but it actually gives a better tan. It all looks really relaxing and fun.

  8. I'm impressed that you posted from your iPhone. I haven't given that a try, yet. You techie, you. Looks like you had the pool to yourself...nice and peaceful. Happy vacation! Cherry Kay

  9. Great post from your phone! Love that you are resting by a beautiful pool. What a great vacation. Have a great week, xo marlis

  10. I have had three grandchildren at my house for a week - they went home last night. I think I am need of a vacation - where did you say this is??? Hahahaha!! Hope you had a great time.

  11. Thanks for visitng and I wanted to prepare you for your new Ross store so...
    If you don't mind I will give you some tips about shopping at Ross. Senior Day is Tuesday. 10% off for over 55 but at my store they never ask for ID. They get new shipments Mon-Fri which consist of boxes from their warehouse in CA. The boxes contain a complete mix of things and even have household and clothing mixed together. It's not unusual to find the same things at Ross that you will find at Z Gallerie, Macy's and of course Marshall's, Home Goods and TJ Maxx (Ross will be just a little cheaper). They don't have layaway but will hold anything until the end of the day. Bring a tape measure since they won't have one there. The store tends to be disorganized so be prepared to spend a lot of time looking carefully throughout the whole store (customers dump things all over!). And finally, the good stuff goes fast. Go often and if you're not sure, buy it and you can always return with receipt within 30 days. Oops, one more tip. Home items get marked down usually once a month and the savings are good. So if you see something for over $30 you might see it marked down in a few weeks. You and Alycia may be fighting over the dishes!

    Hope this is helpful and you may or may not want to pass it along!

    Robin Flies South

  12. Looks like you had a good time!
    LOL Robin's tips above! We are serious about our shopping!
    Missed you this week. I used aqua paisley. :)