Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Robin

We were getting ready to go to the hardware store and my husband said, "Do you want to see a robin sitting on a nest?" Of course, and I picked up my camera and headed out the door.

There she was sitting on her nest in my River Birch Tree. I didn't want to scare her off her nest so I just zoomed in and grabbed a quick shot.Doesn't she look motherly sitting there on her nest.

After we returned from the hardware store (we are cleaning and staining our deck this weekend), I became curious and wondered how long it takes the robin eggs to hatch. So I googled it and found out it takes two weeks.

Here's what else I found:
The female robin lays one small blue egg each day to a total of three to five eggs. She feeds on earthworms in the morning in order to ensure that her body has the energy to handle the physical demands of laying an egg. Until all eggs are laid, she may limit the time she spends sitting on the nest. This is to keep the older eggs cool so that the entire clutch develops at roughly the same time. Until the eggs start to hatch in approximately two weeks, the mother rarely leaves the nest for more than five or 10 minutes at a time. 

Sorry, this is not my image but it shows a single robin egg.

Interesting facts, I'll try to get pictures of the babies after they hatch but it may be tricky.

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  1. Fascinating to watch! I hope you are able to see them hatch.

  2. Great photo, Judy. You might be able to get a picture of the mother sitting on the edge of the nest with the baby robins stretching their necks to get their share of the food mama brings to them. The robin is Michigan's state bird.


  3. Judy that is the sweetest picture ever of that mama waiting on her baby to be born! Love pics like this. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. How beautiful! You got a great shot of her! Their eggs are such a lovely color, aren't they?

  5. What beautiful photos of the nesting mama robin! There are many robins that come to take a refreshing splash in our birdbath. By the time they finish there is not much water left for other birds. We have the worst luck trying to watch birds hatch because something either eats the eggs or the newly hatched babies. There are two partially eaten blue eggs on the ground beside our back porch steps now. It frightens me to think what kind of creature might be taking them. Hopefully it's not a snake. Anyway, you did a great job capturing the robin on the nest.

    I want to thank you for being a participant at my party. I will no longer be doing the party but Cozy Home Scenes blog will continue as usual. I hope you will drop by when you have time. Good luck with the robins. ------------Shannon

  6. Your picture of that mama Robin is just great. I'm a Robin myself, so I had to hop on over from Savvy Southern Style when I saw your link.

  7. Oh that is so lovely, i haven't seen a real blue egg. Most of the nests here are so high accessible only to themselves. We will wait for the nestlings, i hope you can get some shots.

  8. How lucky you were to get such shots without disturbing the mother.