Friday, April 20, 2012

My Iris Beds

I have been waiting for my irises to bloom so I could share my view of them with you. Take a look to see if your view is the same as mine:
I am not an expert on irises so I did a little research to share with you. My iris above and in the first collage below are Bearded Iris. Here's the instructions on how to identify the bearded iris.

    • 1
      Examine the iris blooms. Iris blooms all have six petals with the same basic standards and falls. The standards are the three petals that rise upright on the blossom. The falls are the three petals that hang around the edges of the blossom.
    • 2
      Look for the key characteristic that identifies and sets bearded irises apart from other iris varieties. Bearded irises have a fuzzy little "beard" protruding from the center of the blossoms, lying at the top center of each fall. They resemble pipe cleaners or chenille stems. The color of the beards often contrasts with the petal color.

I do have more than one color of iris.

Ok, it's your turn, follow the identification steps above and tell me if my iris below is bearded or not.

Well, do you think you can now identify bearded irises? 

Thanks for stopping by - Judy.
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  1. I absolutely love your irises and the mosaics you have created. Even your choice of border colors is perfect! Wish I could smell the fragrance! Have a nice weekend.

  2. So pretty! You are ahead of us in bloom. Lovely photos too :)

  3. Your irises are lovely! My irises have lots of leaves sprouting up, but no blooms yet. I wonder if mine are bearded? Yours are standing beautifully upright, do you ever find that they fall over from the weight of the flower?

    1. Yes, they do fall over, sometimes I think it is from the wind.

  4. I can see a little beard all right. Iris's are so pretty, I have creamy yellow ones but it isn't time for them here yet. xx

  5. Gorgeous! I love Irises (all kinds of them!) Such beautiful photos, too.

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment on my project.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  6. Lovely! I have some white Iris that never bloom. I need to move them to more sun! So nice to see your pretty blooms!

  7. Irises are my favourite flowers (and bearded iris in particular) so when I saw your photo on Flowers on Saturday I just had to come and have a look. Your photographs are beautiful, the colours are gorgeous! You are very fortunate to have such lovely blooms - Sharon

  8. How gorgeous! Mine aren't blooming yet, I think they are mostly yellow and some whites.

  9. Love the color of your blue and lavender iris. They are so easy to grow and I love mine, although I don't have the lovely shades that you do.
    Happy Sunday.

  10. I like the variety of your irises, mine are all blue!

    Thanks for joining Color Connection, have a great weekend!

  11. Gorgeous irises. They are one of my favorite flowers.

  12. what a beautiful view you have in your garden, I should plant some of them in my garden as well :)

  13. I love irises. They are my sorority's flower, and I've always appreciated their uniqueness. I am so jealous that you can grow these in your backyard!


  14. Your iris are so beautiful and your photography is even better. I thinned mine out last year and so far have seen very few blooms. Maybe they will come on later. I will have to go check and she is mine have beards or not.

  15. What amazing colors on those flowers
    Feel free to link up your color photos every Saturday at Color Carnival

  16. It sure looks bearded to me! I don't have any irises so I really appreciate seeing such pretty photos. I pass by many irises while walking our dogs, so now I can identify the bearded ones and impress my husband! Thanks for sharing!

  17. That's is a beautiful flower..

    Visiting for FPM- hope you can stop by:)

  18. Some Iris are called flag and it is as if those beautiful blossoms are like flags waving hello to all whom may pass by...lovely!

  19. beautiful Iris flowers, beautiful in purple colors too :-) Dropping by from CC.

  20. Beautiful shots!
    Mine are just beginning to bloom.
    I hope they look as lovely as yours.

  21. Beautiful Irises! (They remind me of my sister--they're her favorite flower.)

  22. What a selection of lovely irises, Judy! Your photos are wonderful.

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  23. Beautiful shots! Irises are one of my favorite flowers. Love the variety you have in your garden. Thanks so much for sharing!