Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awesome Alaska

We recently returned from Alaska where everyday we saw awesome sights. I thought you might be wowed by some of my pictures. Enjoy.

The flowers in Anchorage were just beautiful, although their growing season is short, their days are very long and the colors of the flowers are vibrant.
Here's a close up of those flowers. I saw lots of begonia in the bunch.
A relaxing ride on the train to Denali National Park.

Next was Mount McKinley, where nature was at its finest. It was magnificent.

A motor home trip to Seward, Alaska.

Next is a six hour boat trip to the Fjords National Park where we took this shot of a glacier.

We saw sea lions on the rocks. Check out the seal lion with the number markings.

Hope you are wowed by a few of my Alaska pictures. Thanks for stopping by!